Apparently everything isn't all good in the Trill camp, home of Lil Boosie and Webbie. During a recent stop in Chicago on January 21, all hell broke loose as Webbie and his crew were dragged off stage and beatdown as the streets took offense to him "allegedly" doing "Free Lil Boosie" shows but not kicking anything back to his family.

Since Boosie has been in prison, Webbie, Fox and Lil Trill have been doing 'Free Lil Boosie' shows and selling 'Free Lil Boosie' shirts but according to Boosie's mother, the only contact from the rap world she's received has been through Young Jezzy, Yo Gotti, Mi5led andWaka Flocka.

The fight apparently was a gangsta party as the "Anti-FukBoi Movement" was in affect as members of several Chicago gangs including The Vice Lords and  Latin Kings took part in the beatdown.

Peep the melee below and also check out Hip-Hop Wired's previous coverage of Yo Gotti dropping off stacks to Boosie's family after a show in Louisiana.

Webbie gets beat up by over 200 gang-members in Chicago For Not Taking Care Of Lil Boosie Fam
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