Sep 08

Mocking Tweets Threaten Chief Keefs Rap Career As Interscope Decides His Fate

Posted by: Cliff Po  
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Just two days after he took to Twitter and laughed off the murder of a teenage Chicago rapper Young Jojo, Chief Keef may have his rap career taken away before it really even got started.

Since the tweets from Keef hit the social networking site, and caused the police to investigate him for the murder of Jojo, the backlash has been strong, as the commentators are seemingly getting sick and tired of all the gang violence causing a huge spike in shootings and murders in Chicago.

As reported by the Chicago Sun-Times, a tweet came every 5 seconds on Thursday bashing Keef for his tweet made about Jojo’s death, and even calling for Interscope to drop him.

With all the upset people trying to get Interscope’s attention… it has worked as the record label is looking into the situation with Keef.

A source close to Interscope told the Sun-Time’s, bosses at the record label are waiting to see if police determine Chief Keef sent the Tweet or if his Twitter account was really hacked like he is claiming, or if he was involved in the gang conflict leading to the murder of Jojo before deciding the rapper’s future.

The source said:

“If the reported behavior is accurate, that is not something the label will tolerate and they will take appropriate action. There are a lot of unanswered questions.”

It’s looking like Chief Keef isn’t the only one with their career in jeopardy as two of his 3hunna crew members, Lil Reese and Lil Durk who signed deals with Def Jam earlier this year, and have been named as being involved in the situation may have been dropped from Def Jam, as brought to light by ChiRaqNews, they are longer listed on Def Jam’s website.